Astra Vinatā is the first boss of Giga Wrecker. She is the Viceroy of Samsāra, Armory of Blood. Her human name is Jun Junguji.

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Biography Edit

Human Life Edit

Jun Junguji was a second lieutenant in the Defense Corps, described by Dr. Rekkeiji in her patient record as "a responsible and reliable officer." When the MM-88 pandemic broke out, she was stationed at Camp Atragon, a refugee camp that became heavily infected. Living conditions of the camp degenerated over several months, and the inhabitants became desperate. Eventually, orders came down from the top brass to shoot any person attempting to flee the camp to prevent the deadly disease from spreading. Jun and her unit carried out the order, scarring her with regret for life.

Soon afterward, Jun was herself diagnosed with MM-88 and placed in the care of the Azuma Institute. She played with Saoki Shigoma, a fellow patient at the Institute. Jun was then the second human to undergo the Ajith Procedure (behind Dr. Rekkeija), and the first to be placed in a humanoid body, resulting in her transformation into Astra Vinatā.

Ajith Life Edit

After experiencing the results of Dr. Rekkeija's research firsthand, and believing in the good it could do for humanity, Astra Vinatā became a faithful and proud right-hand robot to Mahāstra Tārā, finding closure for her past sins in her new purpose. She is a faithful, strong, and compassionate leader to the Ajiths under her command, and her anger is kindled against Reika for harming them. She holds the lives of her subordinates and the purpose of Samāra--as a place to honor the dead and bring forth the living--as sacred and inviolable.

After losing her first battle against a vengeful Reika, who swore to destroy Samāra and all of the Ajith Empire, Astra Vinatā sacrificed herself and all of Samāra in a last-ditch attempt to kill Reika and keep the other Ajiths safe.

In the second timeline, Astra Vinatā honorably yields to Reika after losing the duel. Surprised to learn that Reika does not intend to kill her, Vinatā allows Reika access to the Core Portal Sub-generator, fulfilling the request as the honorable reward of the winner of the duel. She remains steadfast in her faith in Mahāstra Tārā, warning Reika that she goes to her doom in facing Tārā.

In the end credits, Astra Vinatā can be seen lifting human children out of the rubble and rescuing them.

Battle Edit

Attack Pattern Edit

Astra Vinatā (hereafter referred to as AV) always begins the battle by jumping over Reika's head to the left side of the arena. Then, the following steps repeat:

  1. AV jumps into the air from her location and slices open the metal foundry in the background, causing it to spew balls of molten steel in an arc (5 damage). The fireballs will tend to aim in Reika's direction or in front of her, and some of them will leave inert debris on the ground. AV hovers in place for a few seconds during the attack, then lands directly below her position towards the end of it.
  2. AV moves to the side of the arena opposite Reika and throws a flaming sword in a straight line at her, one after the other (10 damage). The sword can be deflected in midair by a basic attack, after which it will position itself above and slightly behind Reika, and then will fall down and explode upon hitting the ground (10 damage). If the sword is hit again while descending, it will be destroyed before it explodes, and will paint any nearby debris with nanomachines.

AV then throws a second sword identical to the first.

  1. AV jumps to the center of the arena, raises her sword over her head and unfolds it to its full length, and then brings it down in Reika's direction. The entire targeted side of the arena is engulfed in lightning (15 damage--her strongest attack). With proper timing, her sword may be knocked out of her hand as she swings it, causing it to move identically to the deflected swords in Step 2, except that it settles directly above Reika instead of slightly behind her. If not destroyed before it hits the ground, it likewise explodes (10 damage).
  2. AV jumps to one side of the arena, pauses briefly, then dashes across the entire arena floor with her sword held in front of her. With proper timing, an attack to her sword will stop her dash and knock it out of her hand, causing it to fly up and fall directly above Reika, as described in Step 3.
  3. If not damaged by this point, AV resets her position by jumping to the left side of the arena, and may cause all present debris to be banished from the arena, depending on how much health she has remaining.

If AV sustains damage at any point in the fight, she immediately resets her attack pattern to step 1, always returning to the fireball attack.

Walkthrough Edit

Astra Vinatā must be damaged three times in order to defeat her (five times in Astra Rush Mode). In her hardmode battle, only a full-sized debris ball is sufficient to penetrate her shock absorber.

During the battle, it is important not to get distracted by trying to break unbroken debris to pick it up. Do so only between attacks, never during.

First Fight Edit

In your first battle with AV, she will move more slowly and conjure only four fireballs from the foundry per aerial slash, as opposed to the 16 or so it throws in the later fights. Other than that, there is little difference between the easy version and the hard version, and the hardmode walkthrough below is sufficient for either version.

Deal with AV as follows:

  1. At the beginning of the battle, move to the right side of the arena, facing the wall, after AV first jumps to the left. Likewise with each time she uses this attack hereafter, ensure you are on the opposite side of the arena from the one she begins her aerial slash in. When the fireballs begin appearing, wait just a bit before moving--the reason you face the wall is that more fireballs will aim towards the very far edge of the arena, making it easier for you to proceed across the arena. When it's time to move, keep your eyes above you and gradually move across to the other side of the arena, dancing between falling fireballs as necessary. Be aware that AV can damage you when she falls down (5 damage) if she lands on you.This is why it is important to be on the opposite side of the arena when she begins: to be able to run out from under her instead of going towards her where she can land on you. When properly executed, you will end this step roughly on opposite sides of the arena from AV.
  2. Stand opposite AV--preferably near some of the fallen debris--as she prepares to throw her swords at you. Catch them with a basic attack, and then move slightly away from AV to position yourself below the falling sword. When it stops spinning and begins to fall, destroy it with an upward attack. Repeat for the second thrown sword and then Recall to gather any painted debris.
  3. When AV jumps to the center of the arena facing you, move directly in front of her, right about at the point below her elbow (or the hilt of her sword). As she begins the swing, throw an upward attack to interrupt it and deflect the sword. This time, it will settle directly above you instead of behind you, so simply remain still and destroy it with an upward attack. Recall the debris and again move to the side opposite AV as she prepares Step 4.
  4. AV's dash attack moves extremely fast, so you will have to attack slightly earlier than you might expect in order to interrupt it. When you do, the sword will be deflected and you may deal with it just as you did in Step 3. Recall the debris.
  5. By now, you should have enough debris to damage AV, unless you got unlucky in Step 2. Generally, you will still have time to collect more, as AV does not banish the debris after only one full cycle unless she has very little HP remaining. If you have the Duck and Cover perk unlocked in the skill tree, the time to crouch and recover HP is right after you have successfully damaged AV.

Journal Edit

Astra Vinatā's journal can be found in the two Depths zones of Samāra, through a door in an alcove to the right of the Tachyon Source in the room before her Hardmode encounter.

Full text: Edit

(First Terminal)

ID: P2050F028.

FULL NAME: Jun Jinguji.

DATE OF BIRTH: August 28, 2023.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Former Second Lieutenant in the Defense Corps. Camp Atragon survivor.

OCTOBER 14, 2050.

I joined the military to serve and protect my people.

But when we were sent into the contamination zone after MM-88 hit, there was nothing we could do to help them.

The refugee camp is no hospital. No one is being treated. The infected are only corralled and left to die.

JANUARY 5, 2051.

Refugees have begun to flee the camp, unable to bear the poor living conditions.

My CO is clearly losing it. He just keeps muttering about having to stop the disease from spreading. But how do we do that?

(Second Terminal)

FEBRUARY 2, 2051.

My platoon has received new orders from the top. Top secret. Highly sensitive.

I know that our mission will potentially save over a hundred million lives. I know that. And yet...

FEBRUARY 28, 2051.

My memories of the event are a blur. It's as if I'm constantly in a waking dream.

But there's one scene that keeps replaying in my head, over and over and over...

The corpses of those who fled... The smell of gunpowder... And my hand, wrapped around a gun...trembling...

(Third Terminal)

MARCH 4, 2051.

I have been unable to fully move my arms ever since the event. The doctor says the cause must be psychological, but I know different.

I've seen these symptoms before. Stiffness of the limbs is one of the typical early symptoms of MM-88...

MAY 11, 2051.

"I deserve this." That's all I could think when I was officially diagnosed with MM-88.

And yet, somehow...thanks to the gravity of my sins, it still does not feel like enough...

(Fourth Terminal)

JULY 3, 2051.

Doctor Rekkeiji, who's been looking after me, has also been infected by the disease.

I asked if she had gotten it from me, but she just replied, "It's nobody's fault."

I did, however, hear her talking to herself afterwards.

"Why is it so hard to keep on living?" It was only a whisper...

SEPTEMBER 30, 2051.

In my continued interactions with the other patients here, I have come to make what I can only describe as friends.

How unexpected that my military discharge and fatal diagnosis could lead to days filled with so much happiness.

(Fifth Terminal)

DECEMBER 19, 2051.

The date for my Ajith surgery has been decided. I will be the second person to ever undergo this revolutionary procedure.

The first will be Doctor Rekkeiji. Her willingness to prove the validity of her research with her own body has made a profound impact on me.

I am convinced it is people like her who will go on to save the world.

JANUARY 24, 2052.

According to Miss Shiragami, Doctor Rekkeiji's post-operative recovery has been going exceedingly well.

I wonder if I will get to see her before my own surgery?

FEBRUARY 12, 2052.

Today, I undergo the Ajith Procedure.

When I look back at my life, I see how hard I have worked at everything I do...and yet, somehow, I am filled with nothing but regret.

If the surgery is successful, I hope to devote the rest of my life to the doctor and her noble work.

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