1. Astra Vinatā -- Viceroy of Samsāra, Armory of Blood.
  2. Astra Samarā -- An experimental Astra-class with time-shifting tachyon technology.
  3. Astra Kedrū -- Viceroy of Darshana, Temple of Seekers.
  4. Astra Rāhu and Astra Ketu-- Co-Viceroy of Pātāla, Fount of Enlightenment. The youngest and most whimiscal of the Astras, she admires her big sisters and never strays from the side of her guardian, Astra Ketu.
  5. Astra Vinatā, Hardmode. All of her attacks are faster, and the foundry spits more slag balls each time she slashes it.
  6. Astra Kedrū, Hardmode. Still the easiest of the three Astra sisters, but she has fewer platforms in her arena and a couple of new lightning attacks.
  7. Astra Rāhu and Astra Ketu, Hardmode. All of their attacks produce more and faster projectiles, and Astra Rāhu now fires her laser gun at you while Astra Ketu charges his Maser Cannon attack.
  8. Mahāstra Tārā -- Tārā uses variations of all three of her subordinates' strongest attacks, as well as her own sword-spinning rush attack. She becomes stronger and faster when her health drops below two-thirds.
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