List of major characters:

Reika Rekkeiji -- A girl who has lost everything to the Ajiths. Imbued with cybernetic power, she has sworn to end the Ajiths' reign of terror.

Doctor Kozuki -- A scientist who brought Reika back from the brink of death using cybernetic parts.

Amane Azuma -- A mysterious girl on a mission to find Reika Rekkeiji.

Astra Vinatā -- Viceroy of Samsāra, Armory of Blood. A being of supreme compassion, honor, and loyalty...towards her fellow robots. A proud and fearsome warrior queen to all others.

Astra Samarā -- A glimpse of a horrible end for one of our heroes.

Shiori Shirigami -- Doctor Kozuki's assistant. She carries out reconnaissance for the Doctor in Darshana.

Astra Kedrū -- Viceroy of Darshana, Temple of Seekers, and Chief Researcher of the Ajiths. A sociopath who revels in her often sadistic research.

Astra Rāhu -- Co-Viceroy of Pātāla, Fount of Enlightenment. The youngest and most whimiscal of the Astras, she admires her big sisters and never strays from the side of her guardian, Astra Ketu.

Astra Ketu -- Co-Viceroy of Pātāla, Fount of Enlightenment. Astra Rāhu's loyal and stoic bodyguard.

Mahāstra Tārā -- Commander of the Ajith army, who has invaded and subjugated the human race for her own enigmatic purposes.

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